Using special tags to customize messages

Web Proxy Checker supports message tags that allows you to customize and randomize message fields, body and SMTP commands.

SMTP Settings

Special Tags

  • {%INCLUDE%} Contents of a given text file. Example:{%INCLUDE:C:\somepath\file_to_include.txt%}
  • {%ROT%} One of the choices listed inside this tag, randomly. Example:{%ROT:one|two|three%}
  • {%ROT$%} One of the choices randomly. All tags across the message with the same list of choices, replaced with the same choice. Example:{%ROT$:one|two|three%}
  • {%ROTF%} Next line from a given text file. Example:{%ROTF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%ROTF$%} Next line from a given file. All tags across the message with the same path will be replaced with the same line. Example:{%ROTF$:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%RNDF%} Random line from a given text file. Example:{%RNDF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%RNDF$%} Random line from a given file. All tags across the message with the same path will be replaced with the same line. Example:{%RNDF$:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%WROTF%} Next word from a given text file. Example:{%WROTF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%SROTF%} Next sentence from a given text file. Example:{%SROTF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%TEXTF%} Text from file. Example:{%TEXTF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
  • {%RND%} Random sequence, generated according to a given pattern. Example:{%RND:%}
  • {%RND$%} Random sequence. All tags across the message with the same pattern, replaced with the same sequence. Example:{%RND$:%}
  • {%RNDIP%} Random IP from the specified range. Example:{%RNDIP:}
  • {%DATETIME%} Current date and time. Output example: 20190123154539. Example:{%DATETIME%}
  • {%EMAIL_DATE%} RFC 2822 date and time. Output example: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 15:45:39 +0300. Example:{%EMAIL_DATE%}
  • {%REPEAT%} Repeat substring specified number of times. Example:{%REPEAT(1,10)%}Text to repeat{%ENDREPEAT%}
  • {%SHUFFLE%} Shuffle lines. Example:{%SHUFFLE%}Shuffle lines{%ENDSHUFFLE%}
  • {%BASE64%} Encode text to Base64. Example:{%BASE64%}Text to encode{%ENDBASE64%}
  • {%BASE64_BEGIN%} The same as {%BASE64%}{%ENDBASE64%}. Example:{%BASE64_BEGIN%}Text to encode{%BASE64_END%}
  • {%QP%} Encode text to Quoted-Printable. Example:{%QP%}Text to encode{%ENDQP%}
  • {%QP_BEGIN%} The same as {%QP%}{%ENDQP%}. Example:{%QP_BEGIN%}Text to encode{%QP_END%}
  • {%URL%} Given URL with some characters are replaced with their %NN codes. Example:{%URL:}
  • {%EMAIL%} TO email address. Example:{%EMAIL%}
  • {%DOMAIN%} TO email's domain. Example:{%DOMAIN%}
  • {%NAME%} TO alias. Example:{%NAME%}
  • {%ACCOUNT%} TO account (left part of the destination email). Example:{%ACCOUNT%}
  • {%PASS%} TO password. Example:{%PASS%}
  • {%TO_EMAIL%} The same as {%EMAIL%}. Example:{%TO_EMAIL%}
  • {%TO_DOMAIN%} The same as {%DOMAIN%}. Example:{%TO_DOMAIN%}
  • {%TO_NAME%} The same as {%NAME%}. Example:{%TO_NAME%}
  • {%TO_ACCOUNT%} The same as {%ACCOUNT%}. Example:{%TO_ACCOUNT%}
  • {%TO_PASS%} The same as {%PASS%}. Example:{%TO_PASS%}
  • {%FROM%} FROM email (account). Example:{%FROM%}
  • {%FROM_EMAIL%} The same as {%FROM%}. Example:{%FROM_EMAIL%}
  • {%FROM_DOMAIN%} FROM email domain. Example:{%FROM_DOMAIN%}
  • {%FROM_NAME%} FROM email name. Example:{%FROM_NAME%}
  • {%FROM_ACCOUNT%} FROM account (left part of the source email). Example:{%FROM_ACCOUNT%}
  • {%FROM_PASS%} FROM password. Example:{%FROM_PASS%}
  • {%SUBJECT%} Subject of an email. Example:{%SUBJECT%}
  • {%BODY%} Body of an email. Example:{%BODY%}
  • {%CHR%} Character with given ASCII code. Example:{%CHR:10%}
  • {%E%} Empty tag. Example:{%E%}
  • {%EMPTY%} The same as {%E%}. Example:{%EMPTY%}
  • {%MAILLISTCOLUMN1%} Maillist Column #1. Example:{%MAILLISTCOLUMN1%}
  • {%MAILLISTCOLUMN2%} Maillist Column #2. Example:{%MAILLISTCOLUMN2%}
  • ...
  • {%MAILLISTCOLUMN31%} Maillist Column #31. Example:{%MAILLISTCOLUMN31%}

Pattern for Randomization Tag

Symbol # will be replaced by a random digit.

* - random letter from 'a' to 'z'.

^ - random letter from 'A' to 'Z'.

For example, 'hello ***^^^--###' can be 'hello mduEYP--896' or 'hello aedKDS--371'.

There are 4 subtags for words with random length: <dNN> <lNN> <LNN> <mNN>.

Letter inside <> means type of word, NN - maximum number of symbols.

NN can contain range, for ex.: <l4,6> can generate word of length 4,5 or 6.

Available types are d - digits, l - small letters, L - big letters, m - mixed symbols.


Message Fields

To: {%ROTF:c:\temp\target.txt%}
From: {%ROTF:c:\temp\from.txt%}
Subject: {%ROT:Dear friend|Just wanted to let you know|Greeting|Thank you%}

Message Body

<p>RNDIP1: {%RNDIP$:}</p>
<p>RNDIP2: {%RNDIP:}</p>
<p>RNDIP3: {%RNDIP$:}</p>
<p>URL1: {%URL$:}</p>
<p>URL2: {%URL$:}</p>
<p>EMAIL: {%EMAIL%}</p>
<p>DOMAIN: {%DOMAIN%}</p>
<p>NAME: {%NAME%}</p>
<p>FROM: {%FROM%}</p>
<p>CHR_33: {%CHR:33%}</p>
<p>1: {%RND:<l10>%}</p>
<p>2: {%ROT:{%RND$:<l10>%}|{%RND$:<L10>%}%}</p>
<p>3: {%ROT:{%RND$:<l10>%}|{%RND$:<L10>%}%}</p>
<p>4: {%ROT:{%RND$:<l10>%}|{%RND$:<L10>%}%}</p>
<p>5: {%ROT:{%RND$:<l10>%}|{%RND$:<L10>%}%}</p>
<p>6: {%ROT:{%RND$:<l10>%}|{%RND$:<L10>%}%}</p>

SMTP Commands

MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: {%EMAIL_DATE%}
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
To: {%TO_EMAIL%}
From: {%FROM_EMAIL%}
Subject: {%SUBJECT%}
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Message-ID: <{%RND:##########%}.{%DATETIME%}@{%DOMAIN%}>