Opt-In List Manager: Split File

By using this tool you can split up your file so that it will be the specified number of lines in each output file or you can specify the number of files you wish, and Opt-In List Manager will create that many files each with equal number of lines.

In Result File(s) list you can see the files produced by the process.

Input File

Specifies an input file to split.

Output File

Specifies destination directory and name of the result files. Name of the result files, for example test_out0001.txt, consist of three parts: alpha prefix ("test_out"), numeric counter ("0001") and extension (".txt"). For each new generated file counter will be automatically incremented ("0001", "0002", "0003", etc.). You can specify the number of digits and the first value of the counter (for example above it is 4 and "0001" accordingly).

Number Of Addresses Per File

Here you can specify the number of e-mail addresses to have in each file.

Number Of Equally Sized Files

Here you can specify the number of files you wish. OILM will create that number of equally sized files.