Account Verifier: Domain Mask

by Vitaly, Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Account Verifier 1.49 has been released.

What’s New

Now you can use wildcard characters in domain names, for example, an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?).
Also, you can specify multiple domains by separating them with semicolon (;).



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MySQL Support (AV)

by Vitaly, Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Account Verifier 1.39 released.

What’s New

New version of AV can read the source lists (account lists, proxy lists, etc.) from MySQL tables and save the output to MySQL tables.

Format of the MySQL source path:


Format of the MySQL output path:


connection_name – the name of the MySQL connection. Click “MySQL Connections” MySQL Connections button to edit MySQL connections (Pic.1).

table_name – the name of the MySQL table.

[delimiter] (for source paths) – optional delimiter between columns (default: comma). Example:


where_statement (for source paths) – optional WHERE part of the SQL SELECT statement. Example:


The corresponding SQL SELECT statement:

SELECT host,port FROM proxies WHERE port='1080'

column1,column2,… – the MySQL table column names.

value1,value2,… (for output paths) – the inserted values. Example:


The corresponding SQL INSERT statement:

INSERT INTO acc-good (login,pass) VALUES (:$login, :$pass)

You can use these values:

  • :$email – source email
  • :$login – source login
  • :$pass – source password
  • :$host – server’s host
  • :$port – server’s port
  • :$ssl – SSL usage (‘1’ – used, ‘0’ – not used)
  • :$authmethod – authentication method
  • :$starttls – STARTTLS usage (‘1’ – used, ‘0’ – not used)
  • :$proxy – proxy_host:_proxy_port (when connected via proxy)
  • :$ip – source IP (when “Rotate IPs” is checked)
  • :$ua – HTTP User Agent
  • :$reason – fail reason

You can use “Load from MySQL table” and “Save to MySQL table” dialogs to fill MySQL paths (Pic.2,3).

Pic.1 MySQL Connections


Pic.2 Load From MySQL table


Pic.3 Save to MySQL table


Pic.4 View Table


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Account Verifier 1.35

by Vitaly, Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Account Verifier 1.35 released.

What’s New

  • Download emails using IMAP protocol.
  • Delete loaded emails.
  • Extract and click the links from the emails.

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Account Verifier 1.34

by Vitaly, Monday, December 28th, 2015

Account Verifier 1.34 released.

Added new feature that allows to visit the links: “Load (visit) extracted URLs”.


You can specify the proxy and IP rotation settings that will be used to visit the links.



Account Verifier 1.32

by Vitaly, Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Account Verifier 1.32 has been released.

Added “Extract URLs” feature. It allows to extract links from email messages in the mailbox accessed using a POP3 protocol.

  • Check Load Emails option and click More POP3 options link to open POP3 Options dialog box.
  • Select Extract tab and check Extract URLs option. Select the path to the file where you want to store the extracted links.
  • Enter Accept and Discard URLs rules and Accept/Discard Order.
    Accept,Discard” order tells AV that the Accept rules are processed before the Discard rules. If the URL does not match the Accept rule or it does match the Discard rule, then it will be discarded.
    Discard,Accept” order means that the Discard rules are processed before the Accept rules. If the URL does not match the Discard rule or it does match the Accept rule, then it will be accepted.