Websites Loader 1.21

by Vitaly, Monday, December 16th, 2019

Version 1.21 of the Websites Loader 1.21 released.

What’s New

Replace Rules has been added. Replace rule applies to HTML content and allows, for example, replace one domain by another.

Each rule consist of the pattern, which is regular expression, and the replacement value. Matching text will be replaced with the replacement value.

Replacement value can contain references to matching groups. Example:

Pattern: (https?://)?(localhost/)
Replacement value: $2
Subject: http://localhost/aaa
Result: localhost/aaa

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Opt-In List Manager 1.3.95

by Vitaly, Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Version 1.3.95 of the Opt-In List Manager has been released.

What’s New

Extracting emails from the various sources has been improved. Now it can extract emails from:

  • Archive files. Supported formats (file extensions): ZIP, JAR, EXE (self-extracted archives), TAR, GZ, TGZ, CAB, BZ2, TBZ.
  • XLSX files (Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet).
  • XLS files (Excel 97/2003).

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